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11 Mar

Selecting a Windshield

Posted in Uncategorized on 11.03.11 by Merlyn

If need to replace your current windshield you will need to replace it with a windshield that is durable. Selecting the right windshield is very important not only for your safety but for the safety of others as well. If you cannot see clearly out of your windshield you could confuse other drivers with your driving behavior and an accident may occur. So in order to prevent injuring yourself or others while you drive it is best to select a proper windshield. The obvious think that you will need to look for in a windshield is the visibility; is the windshield clear? Most windshields will be quite clear so you do not have to worry about that factor. On the other hand you will need to select a windshield that will not break easily. Inquire about the windshield you are planning on purchasing; you will need a windshield that has two layers of glass attached with polyvinyl butyrate. Of course you do not need to get a windshield with the above requirements but you should get one that is similar; at least two sheets of glass. A windshield with the above characteristics will deflect objects thrown at the car and the glass will not shatter easily.

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