Customer Reviews

Bargain Auto Glass is really great. In and out quickly, they tell you exactly what you need to know, great price, excellent service & nice people. I will recommend them to anyone.

--Barbara Brook, Washington DC

These guys have great service, great prices, and they're very friendly. I had the unfortunate experience of having my window regulator go out. They gave me a quote over the phone and honored it. Since I had to order the regulator from the dealer, they tied my window up for me for a decent price so that my car wouldn't be wide open while I waited for my part. Once my part came in, I went back to them and they had my window up and working in less than 30 mins. (I was lucky enough to catch them when they weren't busy both times).

I will definitely go back to these guys if I have any other window problems.

--Mike David, Baltimore, MD

Great place, very cheap, decently quick and easy to deal with.

The price is unbeatable, I called two other auto glass shops and this place was about 30% cheaper.

They came to me and they were done the job in less than an hour, I am very satisfied.

--Patrick Yung, Reston, VA